Garage Floor Coating Systems

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Looks and Lasts Like Granite!

Epoxy Garage Floor 01
Epoxy Garage Floor 02Epoxy Garage Floor 03


  • Beautiful designer color finishes
  • Industrial Quality
    1. Extremely durable
    2. Chemically resistant
    3. Withstands abusive KC weather
  • Easy to Clean & Slip Resistant
    1. Oil, Gas, Paint & Spills wipe up easily
    2. Orange-peel texture provides traction
    3. Easily blow/wash/mop out with hose or pressure washer
  • Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty on Residential Coatings
    1. No Peeling or “Hot-Tire” Pick Up
    2. Resists Staining
  • Experienced Installation Team
    1. Experts in the coatings industry
    2. Utilizing professional-grade, quality tools & equipment
    3. Licensed and Insured (Workers Comp & General Liability)
    4. Punctual, respectful, and clean
  • Neighborhood references available
Before and After
 Before and AfterBefore-and-After-02


  • Durable industrial-grade polymer coating mixed on-site
  • 5-Step “Granite” installation includes:
    1. Diamond grind entire concrete surface
    2. Epoxy patch/repair cracks & spalling
    3. 100% solids epoxy primer/base coat
    4. Full polymer chip broadcast (25lbs. per 100 sq. ft.)
    5. uvS Polyaspartic top coat
  • No seasonal limitations – even in the KC winter!
  • 100% solids base coat penetrates deep into porous concrete to ensure bonding
  • Chemically resistant floor with UV inhibitors to lock in glossy clear coat
  • Proprietary product with superior bonding qualities
  • Great color selections to transform your garage as a beautiful entry way into home
  • Full chip application broadcast to rejection hides imperfections & provides slip resistance
  • Products have elastomeric properties & will flex with temperature changes
GGF Grinding 01GGF Grinding 02


  • One or two day installation – quick return to service
    • Light foot traffic within 24 hours
    • Vehicular traffic 5-7 days
  • Full prep of concrete substrate including surface grind to remove contaminants
  • Crack, hole and front edge repair
  • Silicone caulking of perimeter at baseboard
  • Optional coating of baseboards and steps
  • Installation expertise working in many environments: