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Overhead Door Company of Kansas City’s Own Kenton Tuttle Shares His Knowledge of Garage Doors and More with The NARI Home Time Radio Show.

Kenton Tuttle, Residential General Manager for Overhead Door Company of Kansas City, recently sat down with Jan Burchett of the NARI Home Time radio show. The show is featured every Wednesday from 1-2 p.m. on 1410 AM KKLO, and focuses on all aspects of the remodeling industry by speaking to industry professionals in each of these areas. The roughly 30-minute interview featured Jan and Kenton discussing the many facets of garage maintenance, improvement and all that Overhead Door Company of Kansas City can do to assist you with these things.

Some highlights of the interview included Kenton giving some helpful tips on how to make sure you are keeping your garage door safe and operational.

Kenton Tuttle:

“Once a garage door hits an obstruction, it should back and reverse pretty quickly. There are a couple ways you can test that. One way is to engage the door to move down (making sure you are not in the way of the door) once it approaches waist level grab the door and it should not take much force to make the door go back up. If it doesn’t that means the limits are off and you need to have a service technician come out and adjust or replace the system on that door. You can also put a two by four if you don’t want to grab the door and lower the door on that. As soon as it hits that two by four it should jump and reverse and go right back up, that’s a safety mechanism so children or pets can’t get caught within that door. “

He also provided an explanation of the many different types of garage doors with help determining what is right for your home:

Jan Burchett:

“I know that now garage doors come in so many colors and I know you told me something about the direction your door faces color impacts that, so tell me about that.”

 Kenton Tuttle:

“Where your door faces and how often the sun hits it can impact your door. So a darker color door, say a walnut oak stain door facing west without a lot of trees can take a lot of sun and can get upwards of over two hundred degrees which is a consideration when you are choosing a garage door.”

The interview also provided insight into additional products like insulated doors, OHD Anywhere technology and garage door storage systems.

For a full recording of the interview, you can check out the link here.

You can also read a full transcript of the interview here.

Thanks to NARI Home Time for the opportunity to share our expertise with your audience!


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