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New Doors, Sold FAST

This summer John saw some beautiful garage doors in his master-planned neighborhood and he decided he wanted the same doors for his home. He got two Thermacore 199 Model V-5 garage doors with the Somerton 2 window design and Bean hardware, as well as a new Odyssey 1000 opener system.

When Ed, John’s Overhead Door Company of Kansas City sales representative, followed up several weeks later to see how John’s new garage doors were working out, he was surprised to see Ed’s home had sold!

When he answered the door, he told me these new doors helped with selling his home! He stated it was only on the market for all of three days and was sure it helped him sell his home so quickly.

– Ed, Overhead Door Company of Kansas City Residential Sales Representative

If your door could use an update, let us know! It could be a worthwhile investment, even if you intend on selling soon.

Before and After: Thermacore Garage Doors